Saturday, May 9, 2009

a gift

My fiance forwarded me an email he got from his grandpa's cousin who lives in Finland. We invited them to our wedding but weren't expecting them to come. They told us that they were going to send a book about the old family history (400 pages in Finnish!) and a brooch. The brooch/pin is a replica of a brooch found during the 1000-1100's after the 6 day war. It looks a little like this Kalevala piece:
Here is what the internet says it symbolizes:
In ancient times,the curved horseshoe shape wasa holy sign that symbolised the door to another world.
It was later customary to put horseshoes above doors to bring good fortune.
To prevent good fortune from running out,some fastened them with their ends pointing upwards.
Another and older method was to wear the brooch so that the curve would arch upwards,like a gate into the unknown.

I don't have a sash for my wedding dress, but it did come with a shawl that I didn't plan on using. Now, I think I'm going to use it for a few photographs so we can send photos to my fiance's family showing the brooch on our wedding day. Here is what that looks like:

I think that's pretty sweet.

real Birch!

Here is the ring bearer "pillow", the flower girl basket.

DIY update

I finished (okay so 90% complete) the corkboard for our namecards. I'm a fan of the namecards. I really like the animal stamps for the meal choices. Quirky. So many cows! It's not arranged neatly yet. My fiance helped and removed them all in aphabetical order :)

oh you guys...

I'm doubting my shoes again. I think because I continuously browse wedding blogs, I see so many beautiful, individual weddings-and they always seem to feature the SHOES. Check this out:
The idea of blue shoes is still appealing to me. I don't necessarily love these L.A.M.B. shoes. but I think the blue is so cute with a white dress. Ugg.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I want this!

To go along with all of our other birch bark themed wedding stuff...okay so it's really just three things. The flower girl basket, the ring bearer pillow, and our unity candle stand that my future father-in-law made for us. This clutch is on Seller is redrubyrose. She has a lot of fun fabric to choose from. This bag sells for $75.

I am borrowing a great vintage purse from one of my bridesmaids though-which I'm pretty excited about! It was her grandmother's. Something borrowed!

weather for the big day!

Well I can't figure out how to post a picture of it, but the weather for our wedding is supposed to be mostly cloudy with a high of 68! I'm pretty happy with that for now. Rain is foretasted for Saturday so hopefully that storm doesn't slow down! The precipitation percentage for Friday is 10 and for Saturday for travel home, it's 40%. Not terrible!

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

ring for the guys

I thought this was really cool. I have a thing for and one blog I follow every now and then is etsywedding. Recently she posted gifts for the guys. In the blog she had a photo and link to ZoeandDoyle's shop on etsy. Each are handmade one at a time according to your measurements and sent in a sweet reusable little tin. Love the metal/rosewood combo. sneak a peek.